Communicating Vision

I’ve encountered several instances lately when I’ve found myself in the challenging place of trying to communication my vision. I see things so clearly in my mind, yet the language to make it clear to other evades me. I’m usually really excellent at this. Maybe I am finding myself in these situation where I am still not clear and the specifics are not clear and hence other not so much.

I do know this:

  • communication is essential to communities, a community unable to communicate its values, ideals, and needs will find it difficult to grow or compete
  • the tools and systems of modern communication have never been more accessible, but so many still are without access to or the skill in using these new tools
  • corporations and governments are rapidly changing how we organize society, and if communities don’t advocate for the public sector we will loose a core ingredient for a true democracy
  • I want to be one of those working to make sure that all of this happens and I want to work with other committed souls who have this as their mission

And so I found this:

Developing and communicating vision from the Community Toolbox.

Media Arts Stories

I particiapted in a NAMAC regional meeting today were about 20 other thouhgt leaders were in attendence sharing thier stories of inspiring and impactful media arts experiences. There were so many recurring faces and a few new ones to me. I really felt the span of generations. So many wonderful experiences from a range of media arts educators, activists, adminstrators, exhibitors, etc. The common threads revolved around seizing opportunities, articulating visions, being open to new ideas and discovery, and most importantly acting.

George Fifiled talked about the first Boston Cyberarts festival and how it distilled a community of people aorund art and technology.  Wendy Blom about the Southeast Asian Water festival in Lowell and how it transformed how she thought about public access television.  Danielle Martin talked about having to quickly improvise a digital storytelling workshop for hearing impared girls.  Joe Doullette shared his story of mentor a young filmmaker.  Laura Simmons recounted the formation of the her People of Color Collaborative and creating new opportunites.  I could go on, but you get the idea.
It was a good gathering.

The Day

Territories. Boundaries. Defense lines. Turf. Power. Domination. Oppression. Ego. Fatigue. Depression. Hopelessness. Routine. Duty. Hope. Sleep. Dream. Awake. Just some words that represent.

Remodelling Chaos

Kitchen UndoThe apartment is cluttered with the debris and dust of renovation. Tools, gaping holes in walls, hanging wires, and frayed emotions populate the scene. I’m trying to maintain order and there are moments when the chaos melts into the background. Yet the incompleteness of it all is driving me nuts. I suppose this has something to do with something deeper, more profound – the outward a reflection of the inward. All I can do for now, is to make small steps at keeping order. To accept the process of renovation and hope for an improved future.

Re-faced, re-located, re-newed

This is my new personal website. I’ve finally created my own domain, incoporated the design within a WordPress blog, and tried to create a look that is pared down. I’m hoping to take more time to write and reflect using this site as the space to do that. I’m re-juvenated.