Infothought: Gatekeeper argument, part N 1

Infothought: Gatekeeper argument, part N 1: “Having had the gatekeeper argument many times, I know it follows certain patterns. Sometimes evangelist types make a kind of ‘best of all possible worlds’ assertion. Regrettably, I’ve yet to be able to figure out what evidence they’d accept to the contrary – it’s on par with: If There Is A God, Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? To me, the ‘power law’ structure objectively refutes any such Panglossian view.

Once more, the flip side of that, is the argument ‘I Am Not Worthy’. To be immodest for a moment, I am worthy. Note I’m not out to become an A-lister myself. Rather, I’d like to be able to get heard, which is different (though related) and I want a means of *effective* defense against attacks. Both of which are a struggle with gatekeepers and hierarchy, and do not afford me the luxury of confusing pleasant sentiments with unpleasant realities.”

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