morph: Media, Technology & Repression – Any Questions?

morph: Media, Technology & Repression – Any Questions?: “At The Media Center we try to focus on enabling a better-informed society, and to seek trends, insights and opportunities hidden within the remarkable chaos we’re witnessing at the intersection of media, technology and society. Technology is enabling a level of individual empowerment that’s unprecedented in human history – a capacity not only to access the world’s information but to create, share and apply it, what we call We Media.

The power to connect cuts across all sectors of society, not just media companies or institutions in the traditional sense. My language, my reference points, maybe even the name of my organization, probably do an injustice to the sweeping changes empowering individuals, businesses, non-profits and governments to communicate directly with each other, to be media rather than use it.

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I am an irrational optimist, my hope springs eternal – I believe our collective futures will depend on our ability to share information and ideas like never before – certainly faster and in greater volume, and far exceeding the capabilities or impact of traditional journalism, traditional marketing, traditional anything based on control of information. The communications technologies and ideas we see emerging will enable an unprecedented scale of sharing.

But to what end? Where is all this sharing and collaboration leading us?” [more]

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