PJNet Today: What Can We Do to Define Community Journalism?

PJNet Today: What Can We Do to Define Community Journalism?: “ome elements we should be considering in building community journalism:

1. Closeness, intimacy and really getting to understand the community and care about what is happening in the community.
2. Personal connection
3. Have a cultural connection, understanding to the community.
4. Community transcends geography because of shared experience–communities of interest.
5. Not telling a story; we are telling someone’s story.
6. We are mirroring the community, we have to mirror the people within the community,
7. News organizations don’t live in a vacuum; we are interdependent with our neighbors as well as with the traditional sources.
8. Community is a process– a process through which people live their lives.
9. A good community journalist has to care about the community, but also about the people.
10.. Digital technology–using it for conversation
11.. Leadership role. The news media can span community boundaries. Can be the stabilizing magnet to help the communities to work together.
12 Can enhance the conversation to seek the truth.”

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