Yochai Benkler

My colleague Hans Klien at Georgia Tech recommended this book and I find that Benkler’s research interests are closely aligned with my own.

Wealth of Networks

Yochai Benkler -  Yale Law School – yochai.benkler@yale.edu


Research interests

  • General theoretical problems
    • Commons-based information production and exchange 
      • sustainability and comparative efficiency  
    • Freedom, justice, and the organization of information
      on nonproprietary principles
      • Normative analysis of the implications of commons-based
        and exchange of information and culture

  • Specific problem areas
    • Peer-production of information and culture in the networked

    • Large-scale effective sharing of privately owned goods and

    • Open wireless communications
    • Uses of non-proprietary production models for development and
      global redistribution

    • Free software
    • Free and open science: scientific publication models; open
      science organizational models


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