Blog Discussion on C-Span

Watching a C-SPAN discussion with Jeff Jarvis (, Geraldine Sealy (, Daniel Radosh ( and moderator Brian Keener (, discussing the role of blogs in the political sphere. A couple of points made by Jeff Jarvis are important:

– blogging is about discussion, dialogue, and conversation – a back and forth
– the ownership aspect of blogs guarantee a saner, more controlled dialogue aobut real issues (unlike forums)
– the main crux of blogging is about controll and ownership
– the need to understand audience in a new way

All of these things will have relecance as video and audio are added to the blogsphere and should be considered. These are considerations for a world of distributed distribtuion and decentralized politics as well. One thing to remember is that just because the tools are accessible and easy now they may not always be. While the infrastructure (the Internet) is decentralized in its control, the pipes and wires it runs on are not and controlled by commercial interests and concerns.

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