I can picture the triptych clearly. All three panels are Bruegelian. The right panel a 60’s Woodstock scene of partying and over indulgence entitled Boomer. The colors are psychedelic and intense. The motion moving forward with debris and trash scattering the far left of the panel which trails into the right side of the center panel which is titled GenX. In the middle of this panel is populated by a smaller army of edgy individuals. They are focused on sweeping and picking up the scene. The colors are blacks and grays. The looks are serious and intend. On the far left of this 80s panel is a pristine meadow which bleeds into the final panel on the left. This panel, titled Millenial, depicts a mass of shiny happy people entering the scene with picnic baskets and blankets. They are a multicultural group looking like updated preps. Technology and creative exuberance are in abundance.

This is how I envision the relationships between my generation (GenX) to those before and after. If only I had the talent to make this artistic vision happen.

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