My Life – brought to you by American Exrpress

American ExpressOK, so American Express has this new print campaign that has famous folks answering a number of questions. I thought I’d go ahead and fill in the blanks for myself.

My name: Felicia Mary Sullivan

childhood ambition: to be the first female president of the United States

fondest memory: summer, the lake, a raft, and a half dozen friends – I was a teen

soundtrack: a neverending stream of bad television

retreat: a small lake in the Adiroindacks

wildest dream: to travel to outer space

proudest moment: the purchase of my first condo

biggest challenge: to ignore that little voice in my head with all the negative thoughts

alarm clock: the sun

perfect day: no work, blue sky, warm breeze, mountain lake, a good book, classic rock and chatter of family in the background

first job: washing dishes at the local family-style restaurant

indulgence: hot fudget sundaes or skipping work to sit in a dark movie theater watching a film with popcorn

last purchase: 6 Molkeskin notebooks

favorite movie: at the moment, Donnie Darko

inspiration: other people (alive or dead)

my life: definitely a work in progress

my card: I should insert American Express here, but I don’t have an AMEX card so it will have to be Mastercard.

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